Capable Adolescent Mothers

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The Capable Adolescent Mothers program is a longer-term residence for pregnant and parenting teens and their infants, and is designed to promote healthy mothers and healthy babies through a safe, supportive home environment. The youth enter the program during pregnancy and stay for up to one year after delivery. They receive access to prenatal care, life skills training, and parent training while attending school and/or working part-time.

The Capable Adolescent Mothers is designed to promote healthy mothers and healthy babies – and their positive futures – by offering a safe, nurturing, homelike environment for teen mothers and their infants. In addition to housing, the program offers a comprehensive array of services to support the healthy development of both mothers and infants.

The youth in the program are 16 to 21 years old and are without a healthy, stable home environment for themselves and their unborn child. The girls voluntarily enter the program while pregnant and are counseled to help encourage a healthy birth and positive parenting skills. The young mothers and babies may stay in the group home through the infant’s first year of life.

The program’s trauma-sensitive approach encourages each young woman to seek out and accept a mentoring relationship with one or more staff persons, experiencing a healthy attachment that can be replicated with her child. This nurturing environment allows the young mothers to devote their cognitive and emotional resources to learning, exploring, and developing instead of coping and survival strategies.

Infants who are born into the care of CAM care receive the benefits of having a large group of nurturing caregivers. In addition to the comprehensive services the teen mother is receiving, the infants of CAM receive 24-hour supervision, nursing care, an infant stimulation program, child care, access to pediatric care, and nutritional oversight.

While this program is exclusive to young pregnant and parenting mothers and is designed to meet those specific needs, the youth in this program are also part of the child welfare system and the aging out population as well.

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    Phone: 609-880-0210

  • Angela Thomas

    Program Director

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