Project Discovery


Project Discovery provides lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or questioning (LGBTQ) youth, who are not able to live at home, but who are capable of functioning in a home environment with extra support, residence in a community-based treatment home. The program was designed to work in partnership with the community to provide a therapeutic family environment that addresses social, emotional, and/or behavioral difficulties, along with individual LGBTQ issues, to help the youth stabilize in a community setting.

The pressures of adolescence are multiplied when youth begin to have sexual preference or sexual identity questions and curiosities come into play.  It is a time they begin questioning if there is something wrong with them and if they can trust talking about these specific feelings with others. Without good supports, LGBTQ youth face a far greater chance for adopting high risk behaviors and/or depression.

Our skilled and compassionate treatment parents provide support, mentoring and a safe stable environment for them through this stressful time.

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