Who We Serve

Our Kids

The youth we serve come from a vast array of diverse backgrounds. Typically they are between the ages of 12 and 21—most have been neglected, and many have been abused. They are usually in the child welfare system, however, some come to us as runaways and are not yet in “the system.” Some run away from abusive families; some have parents who are drug addicted or incarcerated; some are in trouble with drugs or the law so their parents kick them out; and some are simply turned out by families who can’t afford to feed and clothe them.

We also have programs aimed at pre-teens whom we are trying to mentor to keep out of the system. And we care for babies and toddlers who belong to our young mother by providing them with a safe, nurturing home – either in one of our group homes or with an approved family in the community.

Crossroads Programs