Preteen Promise

Preteen Promise provides intensive mentoring services to middle school girls who have been identified by school personnel or a social service agency as having emotional and behavioral problems and/or who have an incarcerated parent or a sibling involved in the juvenile justice system. Designed to prevent the escalation of risky behaviors, the program prepares at-risk girls to meet the challenges of adolescence through individual and group activities that address emotional needs, develop socialization skills, and build character.

Positive Choices

Burlington County Positive Choices is a free program funded by the Burlington County Youth Services Commission in local schools.  The program is open to help both males and females learn how to build healthy relationships, make better decisions, and improve their overall attitude towards school and their community. In addition, Positive Choices also works to develop self-esteem, self-image, and anger management. Participants meet as a group at least twice a week either during or after-school.

  • Program Contact Information

    Phone: 609-880-0210 ext. 103 • Fax: 609-880-0230

  • Robert Kopcho

    Program Director


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