Teen Moms and Babies

When teens become pregnant there are serious ramifications for all involved. Statistics show they are not likely to finish high school or attend college, unable to develop work skills or find child care, and ultimately more likely to live in poverty. Many who were living at home and part of their family are abandoned and forced to seek help through child welfare. For those who are already in the child welfare system, they may be shunned even more and experience the abandonment yet again, at a deeper level.

These girls are faced with a considerable burden that weighs on them both physically and financially. Coping with an unplanned pregnancy is extremely difficult and leave pregnant teens at great risk. Having a family as a support system is an integral part of the teen’s success. Without the family support system, she is more likely to have difficulty coping with the financial, emotional, and physical demands of becoming a new mother on her own seem insurmountable.

Crossroads offers this kind of family support system to these young women through two programs — Capable Adolescent Mothers and Second Chance Homes.

Capable Adolescent Mothers

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