Cinnaminson House

With a focus on school and work achievements, Cinnaminson House is a residential treatment home that provides these youth with an opportunity to practice the skills needed for independent living. The program provides life skills training with medium level supervision to offer a balance of independence and supportive care. In this setting, youth may safely learn, grow, make mistakes, and learn more knowing that they have a supportive and caring staff there to help guide their decision making, before leaving the system.

Cinnaminson House empowers young adults by promoting positive, healthy youth development, enhancing daily living and self-sufficiency skills, and fostering responsibility, resiliency, and respect for self and others. Safe, stable residential services provide the base for individualized programming designed to identify, build upon, promote, and celebrate talents, skills, and positive character traits as well as to address deficits in learning or adolescent development.

The program equips homeless youth who are 16 to 21 years old, with the assets, skills, and resources they will need to find and maintain gainful employment, maintain stable housing, and build healthy relationships, establishing a solid foundation for healthy, independent living. In Crossroads’ continuum of transitional programs for youth aging out of foster care, Cinnaminson House provides a mid-level of independence with monitoring of activities, employment, and education. These youth typically still need guidance and counseling in their everyday decision making.

Cinnaminson House serves male and female youth who demonstrate the motivation and potential to benefit from independent living services in order to successfully transition to independent young adulthood. Program participants must participate in group activities in the home, must attend a public or an alternative school, and should be working on at least a part-time basis.

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    Phone: 856-786-1276 • Fax: 856-786-3760

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