Willingboro, NJ. (May10, 2018) –

Crossroads Programs is pleased to announce it has received a $10,000 Holman Community Grant for the creation of a sensory room at our Mt Holly House Residential Program. This designated space will support and evaluate the effectiveness of sensory processing techniques with adolescent females with significant behavioral challenges, including PTSD-related symptoms. Grant funds will be used to carpet the space, purchase sensory items, create a soothing atmosphere and fund occupational therapy hours for group and individual sessions with 5 youth.

Crossroads Programs is also pleased to announce it has received a $13,000 grant from the Camden Home Society for the necessary upgrade to the kitchen at their Capable Adolescent Mothers’ Program.  The redesign and upgrade of the kitchen will support the improved functionality and food preparations for 5 adolescent mothers and their 5 infants, while providing ample space for teaching essential life skills and safe sterilization daily practices.

Both Holman Community and The Camden Children’s Home Grant Foundations award annual grants through a competitive application and review process.

Crossroads Programs is a nonprofit children’s behavioral health agency celebrating our 40th year providing services for children ages 5 to 21.  We provide treatment homes, group homes, a residential treatment center, and transitional living program as well as supportive services to empower youth who are homeless, abandoned, abused, and at risk.

Crossroads Programs has been a reputable nonprofit organization that has assisted hundreds of youth with the assistance of essential community grant awards over its 40-year history. Through the support of its donors and fundholders, Crossroads Programs has been able to address the needs of some of the community’s most at-risk youth, including clinical services, housing and behavioral stabilization. For more information, please visit www.crossroadsprograms.org .