Our Team

The Team at Crossroads Programs is made up of people from all walks of life and who have one primary goal — to serve and nurture the youth in our programs so that they may become happy, healthy adults who will excel in life.

We continually strive to have employees, volunteers, advisory council, and board members who embody the necessary traits of good leadership: strength of character, compassion, integrity, and duty to our youth and the community at large.

Board of Directors

The purpose of Crossroads Programs board of directors is to advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of Crossroads so as to support the organization’s mission and needs.



  • John  H. Deppeler, IV – President
  • David Lam – Treasurer
  • Eric Blackman – Secretary


  • Ryan D. Smith
  • Judith Ruffin, MD
  • Sophie Wilmot
  • Howard Cherry
  • Jennifer Tursi – Assistant Secretary (non-voting)

Michael Preston MBA, CSW
Executive Director
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 106

Mary Beth Barnes, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 112

Lorianne McGuffin, MSW, LCSW, CCS
Director of Clinical Services
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 702

Denise Mulligan
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 116

Tia Sanders, LCSW
Director of Quality & Compliance
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 123

Darlene Dalton, LPC
Program Director — Dalton House Transitional Living Program
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 501

Shantel Galloway, MS
Program Director – Kerri’s House, Crisis Stabilization & Assessment Services
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 902

Nicole Simmons-Graham, MS Ed
Program Director – Maxine’s House, Crisis Stabilization & Assessment Services
Phone: 609-880-0210

Sherrelle Jenkins, BSW, MA
Program Director – Mount Holly House, Residential Treatment Center
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 601

Courtney M. Jones-Wright, LPC
Director of Family Based Programs; Community Care for Kids, Project Discovery, Flexible Solutions
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 122

Bonita Williams-White, MA
Program Director – Capable Adolescent Mothers Program
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 206

Alyssa Hernandez
Program Director – Hope Homes
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 352

Lisa Russell
Program Supervisor – Rites of Passage
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 450

Administrative Support
Phil Ronkin
Office Manager
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 118

Tamara Parrott
Administrative Program Assistant
Phone: 609-880-0210, extension 100

For general information about Crossroads Programs please contact Phil Ronkin at (609) 880-0210, ext 118.​