Our Programs

Since its inception, the agency has developed considerable expertise in serving youth who must transition to independent, young adulthood without the support and guidance typically provided by family. The Crossroads Programs continuum of care for homeless youth – shelter care, outreach services, group homes, residential treatment, community-based treatment homes, life skills training, and family therapy – has resulted in improved outcomes and enhanced futures for the thousands of kids and families Crossroads Programs has served over the years.

Crossroads Programs’ individualized, strengths-based services for homeless, abused, and abandoned youth help them develop the interpersonal and concrete skills necessary for success in order to enter young adulthood as productive members of the community. Our expertise is in serving adolescents without families — a vulnerable and often overlooked population who will soon need to make it on their own. What we teach them now, through our relationships, role modeling, and other interactions, will impact the rest of their lives and will influence how they interact with the larger society.

The Agency’s thirteen programs center around five primary populations – Homeless and Runaway Youth, Teen Moms and Babies, Kids in Crisis, Youth Aging Out of Foster Care, and At-Risk Youth and Families.