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Your Effort is Their Success

Over the years, Crossroads Programs has served over 2,000 kids and have many touching stories that could be told. Scroll down to read about our Success Stories.


Chef Mike

When Mike was in high school he made some poor decisions which landed him out of his family’s home and into the care of the state of New Jersey.

Read Mike's Story


Army Reserves

Sarah came to Rites of Passage in March, 2011. Her interview was almost two hours long. It was the longest, most in depth interview to date.

Read Sarah's Story


Great Mom

Natiba lost her mother at a young age, leading to placement in the child welfare system. She faced numerous changes and challenges in her young life...

Read Natiba's Story

Become a Treatment Parent

Please call Tashicka Hayes, Treatment Home Coordinator at 609-405-0959 (cell) or

Make a difference in the life of a young person by temporarily sharing your home and welcoming them into your family.

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