Capable Adolescent Mothers (CAM) Program for Teen Moms and Babies

Teen Moms and Babies

When adolescents become pregnant there are various challenges for all involved. Statistics show they are not likely to finish high school or attend college, unable to adequately develop life, employment or parenting skills and ultimately more likely to live in poverty. Many who were living at home with family are abandoned in some way and forced to seek assistance through child welfare services. For those adolescent mothers who are already part of the child welfare system, they may be shunned even more and experience more profound feelings of abandonment.

Navigating unplanned pregnancy presents considerable stressors that weigh on young mothers both physically and financially; often leaving them at great risk. Having family and a support system is an integral part of the young mother’s success. Without adequate support and guidance, she will find it challenging to cope with the emotional stressors and physical demands of becoming a new mother on her own.

Our Capable Adolescent Mothers (CAM) Program offers a longer-term residence and support system to young pregnant or parenting mothers age 16 to 21, in a safe and nurturing family home setting. In addition to a homelike environment, the program offers a comprehensive array of services to support the healthy development of both mothers and infants. Young pregnant mothers who enter the program voluntarily, receive access to prenatal care as well as individual and group therapy. After giving birth these services for young mothers and their infants continue and include nursing care, an infant stimulation program, access to pediatric care, and nutritional oversight. Young mothers in the Capable Adolescent Mothers Program, participate in individual and group therapy, life and parenting skills and have the opportunity to attend school locally with their child and/or work part-time.

Capable Adolescent Mothers offers 24-hour supervision, 7 days a week by well-trained nurturing staff who provide direct support with compassion and care that empowers young mothers to focus on their future with confidence.

We offer young pregnant or parenting mothers two options within one program: a group home setting or a specialty licensed treatment home setting. The determination of which setting is best for the young mother is made upon admission through evaluation of her parenting and life skills. The opportunity for a treatment home setting remains for a young mother and her child and is revisited during treatment meetings by her and her team. The option to transition to a treatment home setting provides young mothers additional opportunity for independence and success transitioning to adulthood.